Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  1. Parties to the agreement.

The agreement is between:

1.1 Internet service for the exchange of electronic currencies bitmonsters.net, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the Customer, the person who used the services of the Contractor.

  1. Subject of the agreement.

2.1 The Contractor shall provide the exchange services to the Customer, in accordance with the established procedure of work, subject to the exchange rules.

2.2 The Customer uses the services of the Contractor and pays for them according to the conditions specified in this Agreement.

  1. Terms of the agreement.

3.1 The rules of exchange are based on the terms of the public offer, which is formed at the time when the Customer submits the application and is one of the main components of this Agreement.

3.2 This Agreement shall enter into force upon the transfer of electronic money by the Customer to the details of the Contractor.

3.2 This Agreement shall expire upon the transfer of electronic money to the Customer’s account. After this exchange is considered complete.

  1. Services provided

4.1 The Contractor provides services for the exchange of electronic and cash in all areas indicated on the site bitmonsters.net.

4.2 The Contractor guarantees the confidentiality of all data about the Customer, which were provided to him during the exchange.

  1. Rights and obligations of the parties

The Contractor undertakes to:

5.1 To provide the Customer with electronic and cash exchange services in all areas indicated on bitmonsters.net, in accordance with the rules of operation and subject to the exchange rules.

5.2 Provide the Customer with technical and consulting support throughout the entire period of the exchange.

5.3 Do not disclose information that he received from the Customer during the exchange.

The customer undertakes to:

To register at the service and mandatory verification of the identity (the provision of documents proving the identity of the customer to the performer). After registration, the customer will be able to take advantage of the full benefits of regular customers:

affiliate program
personal account with a list of all transactions
bonus program

5.4 Indicate the exact (correct) details with which to be exchanged.

5.5 Enter current email address.

5.6 Do not violate the legislation of the country in which it is located.

5.7 Inform the Contractor about the transfer of funds to the details that the Customer received from the Contractor through the payment confirmation button.

The performer has the right to:

5.8 Suspend the work of the e-currency exchange service bitmonsters.net for the necessary technical work.

5.9 Establish and change unilaterally a commission for the provision of its services.

5.10 Refuse any Customer to conduct an exchange without giving reasons.

5.11 Complete the dialogue with the Customer if the latter is rude, insulting or asking questions that do not relate to the work of the bitmonsters.net service.

  1. Work regulations

6.1 The exchange begins from the moment when the Customer transfers the amount necessary for the exchange.

6.2 Exchange can be considered completed when the Contractor transfers to the details of the Customer the amount agreed with him earlier.

6.3 The exchange cannot be terminated until it reaches its logical conclusion, see clause 6.2.

6.4 If the Customer transferred the amount to the Contractor that differs from the previously agreed upon amount, the Customer will be sent the amount in the currency of interest calculated at the exchange rate based on the actual amount received by the Contractor.

6.5 If the Customer has specified incorrect or blocked details for which the Contractor had to send funds, the latter reserves the right to freeze the funds at the request of the Customer until the Customer provides the correct details, if the Customer does not agree, the Contractor returns the money to the Customer, from which the payment was received with deduction of the commission of the payment system (if such is provided for by the used payment system) and a fine of 2% of the amount received.

  1. Processing time of the application for the exchange.

7.1 Processing time for an exchange application usually takes from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the exchange conditions. The application is given a time set by the system – 5 minutes. The operation will be canceled after the set time has elapsed. Please note that at night the exchange will be made by the operator in the morning of the next day from 9-00.

7.2 As for operations with BTC, they arrive in your wallet after 10-30 minutes after we have transferred funds. We can not guarantee you the exact time of receipt of Bitcoin, since it depends on the blockchain network and on the confirmation time in the network.

  1. Responsibilities of the parties

8.1 The Contractor shall not be liable for losses incurred during the incorrect use of the bitmonsters.net exchange service by the Customer, as well as for errors made by the Customer when entering the details. In the case when the funds are not transferred to the Customer’s account due to his fault, the Contractor does not reimburse losses.

8.2 The Contractor is not responsible