AML/KYC Policy

AML/KYC Policy

Bitmonsters exchange as a service for the provision of electronic exchange, undertakes to comply with the laws on countering the legalization of funds obtained not legally, any other activity that promotes money laundering or the financing of terrorist or criminal activities (hereinafter AML/KYC Policy).

Our company undertakes to make all possible efforts to locate entities that make efforts to use our resource and our accounts and exchange services (Services) for any illegal or fraudulent purposes in any jurisdiction. The administration conducts regular monitoring of exchanges to prevent the use of the Services for the purpose of money laundering.

Based on the requirements of the AML policy, we need to process information that confirms the identity of the client and the operations that are carried out on the service. The administration of the resource reserves the right to request additional information to confirm the client’s identity at any stage of using the Services.

Bitmonsters exchange also has the right to notify the relevant state and law enforcement authorities of detected cases of illegal exchange of funds with signs that are contrary to the principles of AML policy. In accordance with international law, the administration of the resource is not obliged to inform the client about notifying the relevant state and other interested bodies about the suspicious activity of the Client and reserves the right to refuse to process the transaction at any stage where there are signs of money laundering or criminal activity.

We can also request information from the client as a result of the verification process, for the purpose of investigation, which may be related to the actions of the client or another user, or as a result of random sampling to test our processes. In the latter case, we can request information from a client not as a result of any doubts, but simply provide information with or without an indication of the reasons.